Ethical Telehealth Therapists

  • Holly Stone
  • Edgar Ledezma Gallo
  • Billie Wendelaar
  • Maria Rivera
  • Laura Scott
  • Cassidy Gibson
  • Jenna Ramirez-Kirgan
  • Britnie Martin
  • Beth Laskosky
  • Kent Sivori

Our Telehealth Division is dedicated to providing only the most Ethical Telehealth as possible.

To be considered for Telehealth an Assessment for the Appropriateness of Telehealth Services will be conducted.

Some things to note that might be considered inappropriate for Telehealth Services:


Individual Therapy: Severe depression, suicidal ideation, past suicide attempts, delusions, severe trauma, high emotionality.


Child Therapy: Is mostly considered inappropriate due to a lack of a truly confidential setting.

Family Therapy: Is mostly considered inappropriate due to many people being on a small screen and not being able to hear all involved, not being able to see or hear everything going on, or many distractions.


Couples Therapy: Is mostly considered inappropriate due to the same reasons for family, including high conflict and/or members leaving.


Lack of a truly Confidential Setting: If there are others in the room, or others that can hear, disruptions, walking/being outside, being in your car, children in the room, etc..


Client not being within the State of California: We are only licensed in the state of CA


Distractions: Being on the phone or responding to the phone, getting up to check the door, pets, cooking, eating, driving, children, other people in the house, etc..


Consumption of Substances or being under the influence: To consent to treatment would mean that the client would be fully coherent, have comprehension, and be present and attentive.

If deemed appropriate for Telehealth Services, then our therapists that provide the service promise to also be fully present, free from distractions, provide a completely confidential setting, for it to be just like you were really in the room with the therapist.

Please read our: Telehealth Informed Consent and Agreement Form